This is a little piece of software to convert C++-listings to a file you can input in a LaTeX-document.

I think this is obsolete. There are many other ways of generating LaTeX-documentation from your projects. And these have ways to include source-code and do syntax-highlighting.

But you can still download it here. Use at your own risk.

I wrote it primarily for a project-documentation way back in the years 2000-2002, because we had to include the source-code and I wanted it all printed in the same style. After that project I had time to work on C++2LaTeX and made it stable and usable for the rest of the world.

Georgi Todorov has created a cool web-frontend at http://cpp2latex.geodar.com/ which you can use to convert your C/C++-sources without needing to install C++2LaTex...


I would like to say thanks to... all people who send me bugreports and fixes and extensions. The Line-numbering in version 2.1 is from Eduard Bröcker! A lot of improvements and the availability on gentoo are there thanks to Richard Garant!


The project is based on the C++-Template from KDevelop so the installing should be very easy. Just ./configure; make; make install and then it should work...

The binary is copied to /usr/local/bin, to GPL-documents go to /usr/local/doc/cpp2latex.

For more information see the install file in the package.


The following packages are available for download.

Note: These are the official packages, other packages may be available from your distribution.

Fixed compilation with gcc3.\*. Added a commandline-switch to protect lines ie. no linebreaking.
Some bugs with quotes, etc fixed. New commandline-options!
New in this version is line-numbering. Also some bugs have been fixed.
Here it is: Version 2. The first version with working syntax-highlighting for C++.
Now creates full LaTeX-documents as well as files for including.
Converts c++-code into LaTeX-format. This version doesn't work properly on every other system except mine.