Kde's value oriented taste evaluation

the problem

Every day I downloaded new nice pictures from kde-look.org. Some of them are really good, some are nice but not really outstanding.

So if I want to have these new images in the list for the background I have to go to the right configuration-page, and select the new pics for adding to the list. - Sounds complicated?

It even gets better: Images I don't like or which are really old aren't removed from the list automaticly. And who can tell the image just from the name that is shown in the list?

the solution (idea)

A small app (as a kicker-module or something) that constantly watches the directory of the image-downloads and randomly selects an image from that every time-slot.

But lets extend that: The images get a weight so a really new image gets more probability than one downloaded a year ago.

Next step: Introducing personal favourites one can vote for or against images manipulating the probabilities.

And images with a really low probability get kicked out automatic.