This is a list of features which are stable, inprogress or planned until a certain release.

head (work-inprogress)

Features currently worked on for the next release and more or less implemented and working in the developer version from svn:

  • Hide and restore channels. (0.5)

0.4 (latest stable version)

  • Session save-and-restore through lash.
  • Improving the gui (sliders, knobs) even more


  • GUI: Even better knobs and sliders
  • Loading and saving of mixer state into xml-files


  • GUI: Potis and better sliders
  • New concept for the gui obsoleting the volumegroups. Introduces a mixing-matrix where different kinds of controls are placed on the mixing-knots as needed.
  • Adding and removing of channels.


Features in version 0.0.3 additional to v0.0.1.

  • Dynamic adding and removing of input channels and output groups
  • Save and restore of the configuration. Works, but the gui shows the right values only for the aux-groups. Can be turned on and off via menu.
  • Nicer layout: Scrollview for the channels, so more then screen-width can be used for channels; more menuitems


  • 4 mono input channels
  • one aux-group with 3 output channels
  • one stereo output
  • GUI: sliders with tickmarks

planned features

Features planned for upcoming releases. Either with a projected release number or as soon as possibly. A version number 1.0 means sometime in the future...

  • Hide and restore channels. (0.5)
  • LADSPA support for effects (1.0)
  • Coupling of controls introducing VCA-groups.
  • Coupling controls to midi-messages and/or OSC (1.0)
  • More controls (widgets).